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VSCDA at Grattan

Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association

AuGrattan event August 18-20

Greetings fellow Furrin Groupers.

As a club, we have committed to staff the corners for the VSCDA in just a couple of weeks at Grattan. To date we have way too few people that have committed to do so. We need at least 10 more workers for each of the three days to be safe and capable to man the racing. We need you to step up and volunteer for this event. The club receives pay for doing so and as workers we receive gifts and great food as well. PLUS, we can tour the track on Saturday and Sunday during lunch. This is for the veteran worker and the newbie. We will train you if you haven't done this before. It is a great opportunity to get close to road racing and be part of a great weekend.

Please respond to this email address:
and let us know when you can be part of the fun. Thanks.

Pete Hansen

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